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RightsManaged - TimeLapse
US National Parks - Single Clip Library
(4K and HD Originals - Available in Originiating Resolutions - 4K, 2K and HD)
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Arches Nat'l Park - Utah    
MHD_CM8_TL0001 MHD_BL8_TL0018 MHD_BL8_TL0019
MHD_BL8_TL0020 MHD_BL8_TL0021 MHD_BL8_TL0025
MHD_AS4K_K0004 MHD_AS4K_K0005  
Canyonlands Nat'l Park - Utah    
MHD_BL8_TL0022 MHD_BL8_TL0026  
Death Valley Nat' Park - California    
MHD_DT8_TL0038 MHD_DT8_TL0039  
Glacier Nat' Park - Montana    
MHD_AS4K_K0057 MHD_AS4K_K0058 MHD_WV8_TL0012
MHD_WV8_TL0013 MHD_WV8_TL0014 MHD_WV8_TL0030
MHD_WV8_TL0031 MHD_WV8_TL0032 MHD_WV8_TL0033
MHD_WV8_TL0034 MHD_WV8_TL0035 MHD_WV8_TL0036
Grand Canyon Nat'l Park - Arizona    
MHD_AS4K_K0010 MHD_AS4K_K0011 MHD_AS4K_K0012
MHD_AS4K_K0013 MHD_AS4K_K0015 MHD_AS4K_K0039
MHD_AS4K_K0041 MHD_AS4K_K0042 MHD_AS4K_K0046
MHD_WV8_TL0019 MHD_WV8_TL0020 MHD_WV8_TL0021
Grand Tetons Nat'l Park - Wyoming    
MHD_WV8_TL0084 MHD_WV8_TL0085 MHD_WV8_TL0086
MHD_WV8_TL0087 MHD_WV8_TL0088 MHD_WV8_TL0089
MHD_WV8_TL0090 MHD_WV8_TL0094 MHD_WV8_TL0095
Joshua Tree Nat'l Park - California
MHD_GL8_TL0019 MHD_GL8_TL0020 MHD_GL8_TL0021
MHD_GL8_TL0022 MHD_GL8_TL0023 MHD_GL8_TL0024
MHD_GL8_TL0025 MHD_GL8_TL0026  
Mt. Rainier Nal't Park - Washington    
MHD_AS4K_K0064 MHD_AS4K_K0065  
Redwoods Nat'l Park - California    
MHD_WV8_TL0065 MHD_WV8_TL0066 MHD_WV8_TL0067
MHD_WV8_TL0069 MHD_WV8_TL0070 MHD_WV8_TL0071
MHD_WV8_TL0072 MHD_WV8_TL0073 MHD_WV8_TL0074
Yellowstone Nat'l Park - Wyoming    
MHD_WV8_TL0001 MHD_WV8_TL0002 MHD_WV8_TL0003
MHD_WV8_TL0004 MHD_WV8_TL0005 MHD_WV8_TL0006
MHD_WV8_TL0007 MHD_WV8_TL0009 MHD_WV8_TL0010
MHD_WV8_TL0011 MHD_WV8_TL0091 MHD_WV8_TL0092
Yosemite Nat'l Park - California
MHD_WV8_TL0045 MHD_WV8_TL0046 MHD_WV8_TL0047
MHD_WV8_TL0048 MHD_WV8_TL0049 MHD_WV8_TL0050
MHD_WV8_TL0051 MHD_WV8_TL0052 MHD_WV8_TL0053
MHD_WV8_TL0054 MHD_WV8_TL0055 MHD_WV8_TL0056
MHD_WV8_TL0057 MHD_WV8_TL0058 MHD_WV8_TL0059
Zion Nat'l Park - Utah
MHD_BL8_TL0027 MHD_BL8_TL0028 MHD_BL8_TL0029
MHD_WV8_TL0103 MHD_WV8_TL0104 MHD_WV8_TL0105
MHD_WV8_TL0107 MHD_WV8_TL0108 MHD_WV8_TL0109
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